Chess Club

Chess Club

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The Jenta Chess Club is a chess club for young people. Sequel to the visit of our friend, Eberhard Roell, the need to establish a Chess Club became apparent after he started teaching a few people chess. Within a very short time, a wide interest for chess was developed in the hearts of community members. The chess club was therefore established. Every Thursday by 4Pm, young chess players gather at the library for practice. 

Annually, a chess tournament is organized. At the end, a King and Queen of Jenta is produced. 

our main goals

The Chess Club was established as part of our efforts to increase quality education. Chess has long been established to be a powerful tool in increasing the thinking capacity of its players. 

Volunteer to Be Part of the Chess Club Tutors

The Chess Team Volunteers will organize weekly meeting of young chess players at the library and the final chess tournament.

more campaign

send child to school

We support children who cannot afford tuition fees.

Funds for Small Businesses

More than 60% of Jenta Residents are involved in small scale business, we provide loans to support and boost these businesses.

food for needy people

Jenta Reads regularly reaches out to our immediate community with food for other most needy amongst us.