“I Want Every Child to Learn Chess” – Young Chess Champion Shares His Story

Quality Education is one of the tool we are using to change the narrative and as well cat the course for the future.

In today’s blog, Nathan Abok, a student of ECWA Private School, Kabong shared on how Eb’s visit and the activities at the library inspired him to play chess.

“I began learning chess when Mr. Eb came to Jenta. I use to watch them play chess at Uncle Jukgak’s
house. I wanted to learn how. Mr. David agreed to teach me and my friends. We use to meet at the library for lessons and many times he taught us by challenging us. We learned very fast and started challenging him.

Recently, there was an inter house competition in our school. I told my House Master that I wanted to play chess for my house, he asked if I can play, I said not very well. He said he would try me with someone else. He put me to play with the best chess player in school, I defeated him. I was selected to represent my house after that. I played and won the competition.

I am very happy with all that happened. Thank you to everyone who helped me learn and play chess. My games master in school always tells me that chess is all about seeing the future and sacrifice.
I am looking forward to more chess competitions opportunity, and I want every child to learn chess. You can join us at the library. And I wish we can have more chess at the library too”.

Stories like this reminds us again of the importance of such a place as Jenta Reads Community Library.

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