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Education is the most powerful Tool which you can use to change the world. - Nelson Mandela

Jenta Reads Community Initiative was started by a group of young people who were burdened by the level of malaise within their community; teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, cultism, poverty, amongst others. Inspired by their faith, they believed they were called to let their light shine and the way to do that was by reaching out to their neighbours. Established in 2017, Jenta Reads provides education to community resident through unconventional means as library, film shows, talk shows, funfairs, etc. The flagship project, Jenta Reads Community Library is a community library recording over 5,000 book borrows annually. It has become a rallying point for community discussions, motivational talks, debates, and fellowship.

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Changing The Narrative

Jenta has long been known for drug abuse, teenage mothers, cultism, high social crimes, and a high number of school drop outs. We are changing that narrative. By changing the minds of the people and providing them education.

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we've Reached Over 30,503 people Through Our Various Projects.