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Send A Child To School

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David Danjuma had to drop out of school. His mother could not pay his tuition fee or provide him with school stationaries, uniform, books and other writing materials. When he was forced to drop out, he had to join his mother in stone cutting business in order to provide food and rent for the family. In 2021, the Jenta Reads team met his mother and discussed the importance of education and how we could work together to ensure he got one.

David has now gone back to school. As you can see, this is David in his school uniform with books provided by Jenta Reads Community Initiative. David dreams of becoming a doctor. He did not deserve to see his dreams cut short. We are working together with his mother to ensure his dream come true. He supports his mother in her stone cutting business after school hours.

This year we have sent 4 other David’s to school who had similar stories.

Education is a passport to the future, and these ones must have it.

No child should be left behind.

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Your donation will help in sending children to school. Consider making a one time donation or monthly donation. 

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send child to school

We support children who cannot afford tuition fees.

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