In every society, there are men who stand out. They are symbols of various values, and characters .Baba David Dedang Dakerem is a man who has served this community selflessly. He has provided drugs for free to an uncountable number of people in the community. Many people, call him Baba, not just because he’s an elderly man but also because he has poured out to them as a father. Recently, he began taking care of abandoned kids which are mostly borne by teenage mothers. He does not run an NGO, had never received any support but he has continually served and saved several lives. Baba is a great man.
His kindness too numerous people in the community is edged in their hearts, he’s dearly loved and respected.
Yesterday, he was honored by the Jenta Reads team with an award of RECOGNITION for his selfless service to the community.
Selflessness is a value we cherish at Jenta Reads.
Thank you Baba for setting a template for the world. You inspire us! We are proud of what you’ve done; you’re the kind of person Jenta Reads looks to raising! God bless you.
P.S: This award was made without commission by @supremegilbert1, a Jenta Reads Team Member. Selflessness.

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