Jenta is situated in Jos, Plateau State Capital in Nigeria, crowded by mostly masons, farmers, businessmen and women, and some clerical workers. A place full of rocks especially for tourism, green vegetations, and small rivers. A place where a large number of people resides comprising of the able and disabled, the rich and the poor, the educated and uneducated, employed and unemployed, the good and the bad. A place with less social amenities and bad environment, with a large number of houses and polluted rivers. Jenta is divided into three communities, Jenta Adamu, Jenta Makeri and Jenta Mangoro each separated by a river. Hausa, English, and Pidgin are the languages spoken by the people of jenta.

Jenta! Jenta is the place where the past is different from the future. I see a sudden change in the youths and leaders of jenta, though there is a high level of unemployment and underdevelopment, illiteracy and overpopulation and a great number of drug addicts which will suddenly change. Though there is a high rate of corruption and ignorance, it can be reduced to a lower rate. The high increase in poverty, individuals with low income and consumption relying on a little to cater for their families will soon be over.
Oh, Jenta. The Jenta of my dreams, when shall I begin to see the development I dreamt of, when shall I be proud of my community
Oh, Jenta! The jenta of my dreams where the leaders are doing the best they can ever think of to make the community a better place for individuals and families to reside peacefully.
Oh, Jenta! The Jenta of my dreams is a place with a low level of unemployment and highly employed youths, a place where people have an interest in each other and are willing to help. It is a place with more facilities for education. It is a place without corruption and less number of drug addicts, a place where peaceful co-existence amongst member. Because education is the cornerstone of every good thing in a community, education should be given a number one priority. Social amenities like good water, electricity, good roads and others will be provided to the people of the community since they are very important for the well being of the community. Youth empowerment programs should be carried so as to make the youths useful to the community at large and to avoid or reduce the rate of drug abuse and drug addiction. Family planning should be taught in various churches, meetings, and gatherings around Jenta to avoid overpopulation. Lastly, the government should look into the infrastructural development in Jenta and create farming schemes for farmers to help boost the farming rate in the state.
We the students of this community look forward to more development and changes that will make Jenta a better place for everyone to reside. The Jenta of my dreams starts today because there is saying “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. To make Jenta a better place, the youths and elders of Jenta need to join our hands and start the development today and also stop the corruption today. I can see the spirit of development and motivation in the leaders of Jenta. Have you ever seen a community with corrupt leaders and the same community is progressing? The answer is No. I want the Jenta of my dreams to start today, I want my dreams to be a reality; I want a community where we will be having a large number of educated youths, corruption reduced to the lowest rates, more schools, and social amenities. The basic needs of life should be made available, such as good food, clothing and shelter, drinkable water and clean environment. With all my dreams, which are becoming the realities of today, I look forward to seeing a better Jenta for everyone. I am proud of Jenta. I am proud to reside here. And I will do my best to create the Jenta of my dreams. So help me God.


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